Information contents

“Information contents” is intended to be a new ‘topic’ IN THE EMBCOG postings.  The writing icon at the top right of PAICS has been clicked after opening the EmbCog category on the right (which gives past posts only). Ron, is this right? It’s the only way I can find to put a new title into EmCog itself. — David

[David, all you have to do to make a new EmbCog post is click on the writing icon and then after writing your post, remember to tick “EmbCog” under the “Categories and Tags” menu (and untick “Unclassified”) to the left of the edit screen.  I have done this for you now, so this post now appears under EmbCog — Ron]

Many thanks, Ron.  I’ll try both of those clicks next time. – David

Hi, Simon

Your paper on information theory for the Embodied Cognition reading group is excellent. What about putting it on Wiki Psychology?

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What is represented in a representation?

9780262516471…and by what mechanism were those contents generated?

Nicola Yuill ( is coordinating a reading group on embodied cognition, currently meeting weekly to discuss Tony Chemero’s book Radical Embodied Cognitive Science.

Some people who could not get to the meetings have been circulating comments via the email list, but it was decided that the PAICS blog might be a better home for this discussion.  To start things off, below please find a comment from Simon McGregor, David Booth’s reply, etc.

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