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Dear all,

Next week we are reading Robert Brandon’s ‘The Theory of Biological Adaptation and Function’.


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E-Int: Transhumanism: Do We Want to Go All the Way to Ongar?

Speaker: Blay Whitby
Title: Transhumanism: Do We Want to Go All the Way to Ongar?
Date: 4:30-6:00 p.m., 22 February 2007
Place: Pevensey 1A1

Contemporary transhumansim encompasses a wide and growing set of both moral and technological claims. In this talk I will provide some vectors along which we might meaningfully describe some of those claims as ‘extreme’ ; rather than merely strange or unusual. I will also attempt to identify some claims as the core claims of transhumanism. This is very much work in progress and represents the latest stage in a protracted endeavour to develop a useful response to what I consider to be the greatest moral problem of the twenty-first century.

No previous knowledge of transhumanism is assumed. An assortment of definitions and characterizations will be provided for discussion.

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