• Last week I attended a course on concepts hosted by SweCog (the National Research School in Cognitive Science). It was interesting, to say the least, to see my thesis subject matter presented back to me in a very different format by people from very different backgrounds to my own.
  • This week I am proofreading like mad: in particular, Paulina Lindstr枚m’s doctoral thesis investigating mathematical problem solving and the precise moment when subjects understand the problem.
  • I have finally, I think!, seen the last of the back-and-forth questions about my extended mind paper, which will be appearing in Teorema in, I think, May.
  • I need to get started on my half-dozen thesis corrections. They shouldn’t take long to crank out; I just haven’t had any time.

As always, there are various things I should be working on getting published, and I am behind on my reading. 馃檪 Hope to be back for a visit sometime next term!




路 Lots of organizational work on Machine Consciousness workshop, in collaboration with Ron and Rob

路 Completed my paper for same workshop (April 2011)

路 Completed corrected version of my paper with Denis Roche for “Technologies on the Stand” conference in Tilburg (April 2011)

路 Planning short presentation with Mark Coeckelbergh at a 3TU Research day in Utrecht following the Tilburg event, and visit to Mark’s department in Twente (still waiting to hear if EUCogII funding will be available)

路 Finished delivery of my course on Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology at Goldsmiths College, London


路 Preparing content for European flagship project on the Human Brain 鈥 mapping brain science to technology.


路 Paper on computer games on waiting list for conference in Athens.

路 Reading 鈥淶ones of Proletarian Development鈥 by Mastaneh Shah-Shuja 鈥 neo-Vygotskian, collective learning.


路 ASIB paper with Igor finished.

路 Information integration paper with Igor in preparation.

路 Going back to and finishing some old papers, e.g. on Animal Consciousness.


路 Working on ASIB workshop.

路 Gave talk at Lyon on Cartesian Cognitive Science


路 Shortlisted for research position in Norway. Skype interview in a couple of weeks 鈥 advice gratefully received.

路 Reading up on Stephen Mumford鈥檚 account of causation in preparation for interview. http://sites.google.com/site/ranilillanjum/research/getting-causes-from-powers


I am sending these updates round as Steve and Maggie requested that they continue to be sent around. The reasons I wanted to stop are partly manifested in the inadequacies of this message: its lateness (I have been in marking hell for the last several weeks), and it鈥檚 inaccuracies (I鈥檓 not a trained secretary). Therefore, we asked if people could email and post their own updates, but that hasn鈥檛 worked. So, I will continue to take notes and accept updates by emails.