Updates 19/1/11


Important note: in future please post updates directly to the blog. If you need help doing this, please ask for some.


  • Working on 2 proposals to Euro commission in Brussells – melodics and consciousness.


  • Starting post doc in January.
  • Talking on ideas based on recent publications related to research subject.
  • In Oxford last week for the Winter Intelligence Conference.
  • Involved in research group on self and another on mind and agency and logic in Portugal.
  • Working to get MC meeting in AISC.


  • More work on putting together the COGS Seminar programme for the coming term and beyond.
  • More work on MC2011.
  • Submitted an abstract for a new book on The Singularity:  A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment.  (ed. A. Eden, et al.)
  • Attended a workshop in Oxford to discuss a book draft by Nick Bostrom on Intelligence Explosion: Groundwork for Strategic Analysis.
  • Organized and spoke at an impromptu COGS seminar (put on because a scheduled speaker dropped out) on Social Implications of a Future Intelligence Explosion (other speakers were Rob Clowes, Blay Whitby and Mike Beaton).


Sorry for my delay. I have been preoccupied with sorting out the re-scheduling of my viva.

  • Paper “Why some version of the extended mind hypothesis must be on the table” accepted, with revisions, for special issue of Teorema on the extended mind hypothesis.
  • Trying to get additional material from my thesis into submittable form.
  • Just starting my position here in Lund at the Centre for Cognitive Semiotics; still working out what I’ll be doing.
  • Taking a closer look at Thompson’s Mind in Life.



Updates 12/1/11


· Joint paper with Joel called ‘what makes us moral’?


· Working on a paper with Ezequiel in response to Conant and Ashby, 1970, “Every Good Regulator of a System Must be a Model of that System”

· Working on my written output from my research with Igor

· Serving on programme committee of AISB Machine Consciousness Symposium 2011

· Helping arrange publicity for CEP 2011 conference

· Working out what to do next after my postdoc grant expires

· My postdoc grant with Igor now runs to end Feb.

Tom B

· Preparing for teaching Philosophy of Mind again (first lecture

· tomorrow).

· Writing paper on Colour and the Mind-Body Problem for the Open Sessions of

· the Joint Session.


· Completed paper with Tom Froese for submission to Humana.Mente journal special issue. ‘On an inter-enactive approach to agency.’

· Completed paper with Denis Roche (student at Goldsmiths) on ‘Does an artificial agent need to be conscious to have ethical or legal status?’ – submitted to conference in Tilburg, mid April.

· Completed abstract for Machine Consciousness 2011 on ‘Would a super-intelligent AI necessarily be (super-)conscious?’ – under review.

· Invited to be guest speaker at University of Twente, April 2011

· Selected for place as delegate at EUCogII special meeting on ‘Challenges for Cognitive Systems’, Zurich 28-30

· (With Ron C and Robert C): lots of work on Machine Consciousness Workshop at AISB 2011, York, April. Funding bid from EUCogII for 8800 eur was successful.

· Invited to programme committee for AISB 2011 workshop on ‘Toward a comprehensive artificial intelligence test’