A role for introspection in developing Anthropic AI


The next E-Intentionality meeting will be April 8th (not April 1st – April Fool!), in Fulton 112 from 12:00-12:50.  The speaker will be Sam Freed, on the topic: “A role for introspection in developing Anthropic AI”.  Abstract:

AI as a technology is distinct from cognitive science in terms of methodology and requirements. Human-like AI is distinct from idealised/rational AI. Anthropic AI is defined as the part of human-like AI that deals with pre-cultural intelligence. Subjectivity is discussed as an intuitive gateway to building such AI. Introspection is defended from Watson and Simon’s attacks, and shown to be in widespread and reliable use in all human cultures. This is tied back to pragmatic AI development.

Audio (.mp3, 11MB)

Upcoming dates:

  • April 01: No meeting (Easter break)
  • April 08: Fulton 112 (Sam Freed)
  • April 15: Pevensey 2A2 (Adrian Downey)
  • April 29: Pevensey 2A2 (Simon Bowes TBC)

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