· Lots of organizational work on Machine Consciousness workshop, in collaboration with Ron and Rob

· Completed my paper for same workshop (April 2011)

· Completed corrected version of my paper with Denis Roche for “Technologies on the Stand” conference in Tilburg (April 2011)

· Planning short presentation with Mark Coeckelbergh at a 3TU Research day in Utrecht following the Tilburg event, and visit to Mark’s department in Twente (still waiting to hear if EUCogII funding will be available)

· Finished delivery of my course on Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology at Goldsmiths College, London


· Preparing content for European flagship project on the Human Brain – mapping brain science to technology.


· Paper on computer games on waiting list for conference in Athens.

· Reading “Zones of Proletarian Development” by Mastaneh Shah-Shuja – neo-Vygotskian, collective learning.


· ASIB paper with Igor finished.

· Information integration paper with Igor in preparation.

· Going back to and finishing some old papers, e.g. on Animal Consciousness.


· Working on ASIB workshop.

· Gave talk at Lyon on Cartesian Cognitive Science


· Shortlisted for research position in Norway. Skype interview in a couple of weeks – advice gratefully received.

· Reading up on Stephen Mumford’s account of causation in preparation for interview. http://sites.google.com/site/ranilillanjum/research/getting-causes-from-powers


I am sending these updates round as Steve and Maggie requested that they continue to be sent around. The reasons I wanted to stop are partly manifested in the inadequacies of this message: its lateness (I have been in marking hell for the last several weeks), and it’s inaccuracies (I’m not a trained secretary). Therefore, we asked if people could email and post their own updates, but that hasn’t worked. So, I will continue to take notes and accept updates by emails.

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