Updates 30/11/2010


  • Prepared presentation on the inadequacies of explanation by mirror neurons for teaching purposes.


  • Science and Society grants – asked to be expert grant evaluator for ethics.


  • Application to intermit rejected – will withdraw, hopefully temporarily.


  • In Lundt next week, giving 3 or 4 talks.
  • Code for roboticists to be released next week.


  • Working on proposals for European commission for January.
  • Doing some programming – plastic cognitive architechture.
  • Preparing talk for NCL on consciousness.


  • Writing talk for San Sebastian.


  • Working on the final stages of actualizing my grant with the IFL in Lisbon so I can start my Post-Doc properly in Jan 2011.
  • Working with Steve and Ron on the machine consciousness conference; I am currently writing a grant proposal to attempt to get some funding for this.
  • Last week I published a review of John Armstrong’s book In Search of Civilization: Remaking a tarnished idea on the Culture Wars website: http://www.culturewars.org.uk/index.php/site/article/civilisation_should_we_rehabilitate_this_unfashionable_idea/
  • Attempting to finish a review a review of Nicolas Carr’s book The Shallows: How the Internet is Changing the way, we think, read and remember hopefully to be part of a three part series using some reviews to discuss the internet and the mind and some issues around extended cognition and the mind / brain relationship (hopefully the first part to be published next week).


  • Still working on colour.


  • Proofreading a paper on internalism vs. externalism about moral judgments. I am amused, with respect to this particular debate, to find myself coming down on the "internalist" side.
  • Received my viva date: 11 January.
  • Working out details of my postdoc position with the Centre for Cognitive Semiotics. I am to meet with the director on Thursday.
  • Making preparations for Blay’s (three!) talks next week.
  • Catching up listening to E-I talks: Ron’s, Simon’s, and Blay’s.
  • Took part in a "research slam", like a poetry slam. I had ten minutes to present my thesis research in a "popularized format". I didn’t win (in fact I came last ;-‘)), but I got some good consolation prizes.

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