E-Intentionality, November 23rd 2010: Blay Whitby

Tues 23 Nov 15.20
Arundel 209

Speaker: Blay Whitby
Title: “Better People: The Ethical Challenges of Transhumanism”

The so-called “transhuman” technologies of human enhancement have serious
ethical implications. Technologies now under development, including
cognitive enhancement by pharmacological methods, direct brain implants,
advanced prosthetics, and genetic selection are seen by many writers as
moving us to a “posthuman future”. The World Transhumanist Association, for
example, claims that within 50 years the differences between enhanced
humans and natural humans will be as great as that between humans and

What should be our response? Can we stop this technology? Should we? Is
this a better future or a dystopia? In the 21st Century the field of
metaethics is under new scrutiny. Do we need new moralities or do our
existing ethical approaches give answers to these problems? The challenge
is clear. Can we be better people in the moral sense of better? Yes we can.


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