Updates 2/11/10

Tom B

· Working on colour – got possible philosophical positions clear.


· Visiting groups – COGS, Sakler, CCNR.

· Meeting with Ron re. research.


· Working on research proposal.


· Finishing off review and comments on a book.

· Invited to write paper on ‘inter-enaction’ with Tom Froese for special issue of Humana.mente – deadline in December

· Sorting AISB machine conscjousness workshop.


· Writing EI talk – came across psychologists interested in Bayesian analysis.


· Thinking about Libet, Newcombe, and the meaning of desire.


· Asked to come up with speakers/programme committee members in philosophy of consciousness for ASSC 2012 – suggestions invited.

· Continuing to work on Machine Consciousness Symposium:  http://www.sussex.ac.uk/cogs/mc2011.

Tom F

· Spent week with Marek setting up experiments with enactive torch investigating the question of whether it is feeling at a distance or acting at a distance that changes body schema.

· Working on philosophy of synesthesia: is it related to imagination rather than perception?


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