Layda Gongora

· COGS Visiting Research Fellow from Lancaster – PhD student researching creative methods used by designers in early stages of the design process.

· Settling in.


· Reading up on Libet’s experiments and his own position – a dualism.


· Read Martine Nida -Rümelin paper Pseudonormal Vision.


· Wrote paper on ethics of use of AI – chatbots in medical applications in particular.

· Agreed to give 3 talks in Sweden at beginning of December.


· Met Igor and Catherine Wilkins re. post-doc business.

· Writing more on contrasting enactive theory with integrated information theory.


· Extending research proposal.


· Working on website and call for papers for AISB Machine Consciousness Symposium in York next year.

· Thinking about Newcombe’s problem, including relating it to Libet’s studies (thought of this years ago, as did Peter Slezak, but considering some new ideas).

· Thinking about Mike’s comment, and Froese and Gallagher’s (2010) comments, about the implications of the model in Izquierdo-Torres and Di Paolo’s 2005 paper.  Can it do any  philosophical work that, say, Braitenberg vichicles cannot?


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