Creativity And Art: Three Roads To Surprise

Today sees the publication of a new book: Creativity And Art: Three Roads To Surprise (Oxford University Press), by COGS founder and PAICS member, Prof. Margaret Boden.

Maggie says:

“It’s a collection of some of my papers on creativity and art. Some are  on computer art, others on traditional fine art, crafts, or conceptual  art.

Three of the twelve chapters (including one inspired by the Drawbots  project) are published here for the first time. The other nine chapters appeared in a very wide range of journals/books, so very few  readers will have seen more than one or two of them.

Readers of my two-volume (purple and pink) Mind As Machine (also OUP,  2006) may be relieved to know that it’s only about 260 pages!!!”

Congratulations, Maggie!


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