Updates 12/10/2010

Request: in order to keep future PAICS meeting brief due to time constraints, please email me your full updates, and be prepared to give the edited highlights at the meeting.


Research-related activities since last PAICS meeting (last term):

  • Gave two lectures on conceptual and non-conceptual content as part of the National Swedish Research School for Cognitive Science (SweCog) summer school in Cognitive Science, August 8-14 at Marston Hill, Mullsjö, Sweden: http://www.swecog.se/
  • Gave the first week of lectures for the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science at Eötvös University in September: http://www.bscs-us.org/
  • Attended EUCOG II members’ conference and EUCOG III grant negotiation meeting in Palma in October: http://www.eucognition.org/index.php?page=third-conference-general-info
  • Evaluated funding applications for the Austrian Science Fund and European Science Foundation
  • Reviewed a paper for Frontiers in Consciousness Research
  • Submitted (with Rob Clowes and Steve Torrance) a proposal for an AISB symposium
  • Updated e*, PAICS websites
  • Moved office: 4C14 (does anyone need anything?)

Current and future research-related activities:

Ex-officio duties:

  • Editorial Board of International Journal of Machine Consciousness: Preparing an invited paper for special issue on Murray Shanahan’s new book (reading group anyone?)
  • EuCOGII PI: developing a wiki of the State of the Art in cognitive systems research
  • COST Action on Consciousness working group leader: considering holding a philosophy of consciousness meeting at Sussex soon: http://www.coma.ulg.ac.be/CATIA/index.html
  • Director of COGS: updating the COGS website

Other research:

  • Invited to submit a paper for a Journal of Consciousness Studies special issue on Fringe Consciousness
  • Invited to submit a paper for a Journal of Consciousness Studies special issue on Singularity
  • Preparing invited paper for Riccardo Manzotti’s volume on Enactive Aesthetics
  • Putting together a grant application concerning the science of creativity
  • Putting together an ASSC 2011 tutorial proposal with David Gamez
  • Possibly co-authoring a paper with Bob Chad and Nick Medford on “Imaginal Allocentric Modelling”
  • Writing up a talk for inclusion in the Proceedings of the 2008 Workshop on Philosophy of Engineering
  • Preparing an entry on non-conceptual content for the Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
  • Preparing an entry on synthetic phenomenology for Scholarpedia

Ricardo Sanz

  • On sabbatical for a year, from work as a control engineer, to read and follow philosophical interests in machine consciousness. Looking for a precise, implementable model of consciousness.


  • Working as postdoc with Igor Alexander on integration theories of consciousness.


  • Reading new material on the Exclusion Principle (Christian List and Peter Menzies).


  • Intermitting for another year; living in Athens.

Tom B.

  • Getting over a cold
  • Working on a paper titled ‘Rethinking Nagel on Science and Subjectivity’
  • The Hums Philosophy DPhil Reading Group will be reading the anthology ‘Readings on Color – Vol. 1’ by Alex Byrne and David R. Hilbert this term.

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