Today’s PAICS meeting (Ricardo Sanz and updates); Venues for future meetings


Ricardo Sanz

Ricardo Sanz


Today we’re very happy to welcome Ricardo Sanz to his first PAICS meeting. Ricardo is a professor in systems engineering and automatic control at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He runs the Autonomous Systems Laboratory there, is one of the editors of the Journal of Mind Theory, and is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Machine Consciousness. This year he is a Visiting Research Fellow in the Sackler Centre, working on systemic models of consciousness. For more info, see .

Today’s meeting (at 15:00) may be a bit longer than scheduled, given that we haven’t met for several months, and thus have some catching up to do!

Venue: Today (and all other even-numbered weeks of term), PAICS (and E-Intentionality afterward) will meet in Arundel 209; next week (and all other odd-numbered weeks of term) we will meet in Pevensey 1 1B8.


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