E-Intentionality next week: 15:20, Arundel 209

E-Intentionality starts again next week with a new time, location and format: Tuesdays from 15:20 to 16:20. The shortened time means that EI presentations will have to be punchier, more to the point. This is good training for real-world academic conferences (an oxymoron?) where a 1.5 hour time slot is usually a luxury reserved only for the most prestigious invited speakers.

We’re hoping to book Pevensey 1A1 for weeks 3-10 (to make it easy to pop over to the COGS Seminars starting at 16:30 in Pevensey 1A7), but cannot attempt to do so until Friday; watch this space. For next Tuesday’s meeting (October 12th, week 2), we will meet in Arundel 209 (which is no problem, since there is no COGS seminar to rush to that day).

Now all we need is a volunteer to give a brief (20-30 minutes) informal presentation. Email Paul or me ASAP.


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