Barry Smith: “The Mysteries of the Brain”

Steve Torrance says:

I just heard an interview with Barry Smith on Start the Week (Radio 4).

Barry has a series on BBC World Service – see

The Mysteries of the Brain
How do our brains work in everyday life?

The experiences that we take for granted – talking to a friend, listening
to a piece of music, lifting a cup of coffee, tasting a peach – depend for
their existence on the intricate and silent workings of several cooperative
regions of the brain.

Why do some people see numbers as coloured? Do we have five or twenty-five
senses? How much of the brain do we need to understand language? Can we
cure chronic pain or depression at the flick of an electrical switch? Do we
decide how to act before we know about it?

For this four-part series, Professor Barry Smith from the Institute of
Philosophy, explores the way neuroscience is addressing the ultimate
scientific challenge: namely, how our brain makes us the conscious
creatures we are – capable of language, thinking and feeling.

The BBC Start the Week programme is repeated tonight, and will soon be
available online:




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