E-Int: “Body-Mind/Fact-Value: How Do the Two Problems Interrelate?”

Steve Torrance will be speaking on “Body-Mind/Fact-Value: How Do the Two Problems Interrelate?”

Pev1A1, 4:30pm, 15th of March

This session is based upon work done jointly by myself and Erik Myin (University of Antwerp and VUB).

We examine the relationship between controversies over the nature of conscious experience and controversies over the foundation for ethics. We explore parallels between the two areas and some ways in which the two fields are entangled. It’s possible to discern, in the background to each controversy, a certain conception of the relation between subjectivity and objectivity — conceived somewhat differently in each case, but with important points of commonality.

We develop an alternative conception of the subjectivity-objectivity relation, a conception which takes its lead from certain aspects of the enactive approach. Key problems in the fields of consciousness and of ethics — and possibly other fields — can be seen in a rather different light with the help of these insights from enactivism.

All welcome.

Seminar slides

Visit the E-Intentionality website.

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